Chandigarh: Megri a 10 year old web solutions company has relaunched
its 9 year old site as Indian Political and Voting
Portal. Earlier the vote India is used just as to do voting various
topics and remain as success. Keeping in view the need of time, on the
starting of India Lok Sabha Election 2009 it is re –launched as
Political and Voting Magazine.
Account to CEO M.Kohli “Our object is to create awareness among Indian
voter to understand the politics and to cast vote to keep democracy
live. We will keep Indian voters update on various Indian issues,
political parties manifesto, candidates profiles, polling on various
subjects, latest Interviews, quotes and news”
Vote India is daily showing 7 featured issues or news in addition to
news or stories relating to various political parties and region wise.
You will also get latest video on various political issues. A regular
poll is also conducted on various subjects.
We have also created a membership section where you can join for free
and have discussion on any issue and liberty to have free voice.
Political parties or candidates can also submit there press release on
line by joining for free which will be published after editorial

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