No More Prohibition For Your Pet Dogs Across Public Gardens & Parks

Good news for dog lovers of city beautiful as you can now take your pet dogs to the Public gardens & parks without any restriction. The Animal Welfare Board of India have issued a guideline to Chandigarh Municipal corporation which state to not to prohibit the entry of pet dogs in parks & gardens.

After the issuing of this, Chandigarh administration ordered to remove all signboards from outside public parks. The decision is taken by considering physical as well as mental needs of dogs. However it is noticed that some counsellor of MC are not satisfied with the decision as they said that dogs and people cannot walk together in the parks as they can harm anyone. But the decision have to be implemented.

Here are some points you need to consider along with this order

  • You can’t carry a breed of dog pet which is more than 6 feets long.

  • People in park have no rights to insist the owners to put on the muzzles on their pets.

  • The timings for dog will be vary as per the season and will reasonably be long.

  • It is must for dog owners to carry a scoop while taking theirs dogs to public park to ensure park cleanliness.

For dog owners around Chandigarh this is really happy news as they can now take their dogs along with them, but don’t forget to consider above points as well.


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