Chandigarh Citizens May Have To Pay Professional Tax

For many readers who don’t understand what Professional Tax means let me clear this it is the tax imposed on all professionals working private and public limited companies of any sector. People leaving in Chandigarh who have their monthly wages more than INR 6000 will have to pay a definite amount (described in their slabs) as professional tax.

However a bigger sign of relief is that the decision of the proposal for the professional tax will be done by end this month in the coming MC House meeting.

Distribution of Tax Slab

The professional tax slab distribution is done as per the rates defined by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Be it Doctor, consultants, petrol pump owners, insurance agents, contractors, engineers, transporters, chartered accountants, contractors, share brokers, tutors, brokers, gym owners, transporters, notaries they all belong to different professionals will have to pay INR 2000 annually as professional tax.

Employees who are earning between INR 6000 to 9000 will have to pay INR 80/Monthly under professional tax, whereas the one who is earning INR 9000 to 12000 will have to pay INR 150/Monthly as tax and remaining all earning more than INR 12,000 will be imposed INR 200/Monthly under professional tax.

All partnership firms, Public & Private Companies, Finance companies, factory owners will have to pay INR 2000 annually, however registered dealers will have a separate tax slab.

All Chandigarhians are eagerly waiting to know whether they will be saved in the upcoming MC House meeting or a one more tax will add trouble to their expenses.


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