Our aspirations and our realities compete in an eternal balance. Owning a car is one of these aspirations, a literal vehicle of dreams, optimism and of course, freedom. The reality is that it involves expenses that look like shadows long after the new seat smell has dissipated from your car. EMIs are hefty and will change the way you live – suddenly those long vacations are downgraded and other luxuries are compromised, and this can go on for years.

A shared economy is a noble approach to getting the lifestyle you want by prudently shaving off the liabilities. Owning a car need not be such a big financial move. Zoomcar, one of India’s most trusted transport brands, has introduced the ZAP or Zoomcar Associate Program. This initiative is a boon for those who want to buy a new car but also need to keep expenses under control. By enlisting with ZAP, you can share your car on the Zoomcar platform when you are not using it and have it earn income for you. There are detailed assurances that protect your four-wheeled asset and you can bring in up to 20,000 rupees a month. Now that should take care of those pesky EMIs?

If you have not bought a new car yet, Zoomcar can help you there too. Avail discounted rates using Zoom car’s great relationship with India’s top manufacturers like Hyundai, Tata, Maruti and more. You can start saving even before you become a ZAPster. You can also reach out to a nationwide network of financiers and get the car loan rates that you are comfortable with.

There are some prerequisites for the ZAP model. The car needs to be registered under Zoomcar as a commercial vehicle. This is a compliance requirement and importantly it also protects you, the car owner, from any liability when it is being used on the Zoomcar platform. That way you just need to wait for your car to come back and count your money.  You also need to get Cadabra, a cutting-edge car monitoring software installed. With Cadabra, you will receive alerts about your car via an app. This will help you facilitate preventive measures, in other words, save thousands of rupees on car maintenance.

Being a ZAPster is a really simple process. List the car on the platform when you are not using it. You do not have to interact with customers directly since it is all app-based. Billing is very transparent and you will get exact breakdowns on what you are earning.

With a bit of help from this simple yet revolutionary financing method, you can tick ‘buy new car’ off your life goals list. Do not postpone your dreams. Enjoy the privileges that you deserve and reap the benefits of extra income. Zoomcar is a growing success story across the country and with ZAP you can also be part of this story.


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