Further to the conversation would like to apprise you in short with a few details of the conference for your reference and perusal. Over the past couple of years, Chandigarh and region has become one of the most preferred destinations for technology companies in the country. It is seen as an idyllic business city especially since it boasts of an excellent quality of life, huge base of Human Resources, with many engineering colleges in and around the city at all levels: regional, state, and polytechnics, and to top it all – proactive policies of the Administration which are conducive to such investment.

There is an urgent need to focus on “time to market”, which characterize the competitive business landscape of today, around the world. High performing organizations have to adopt the innovation streak in a more formidable way in these changing circumstances. Organizations are faced with the challenge and opportunity of rapidly changing economy and develop upon existing knowledge, bridge gaps and further the understanding of best practice in all aspects of business.

¡®Achieving Excellence through a 360¢ª Approach¡¯ is a platform for companies in the region to congregate and discuss performance management issues, share best practices and build strategies for ensuring performance excellence.

The conference is scheduled to be held on 2nd & 3rd August 2007 at the Taj Hotel, Chandigarh. This conference is a part of the 2 day e-revolution event being organized by Chandigarh Government along with Government of Punjab and Haryana. The industry and entrepreneurial aspects to the event is managed by Nasscom, IVCA and Band of Angels. CyberMedia Events which is a division of CyberMedia group , India¡¯s largest ICT media conglomerates are the event entrepreneur for e revolution.

The key highlights of the conclave will include an array of keynote presentations and a panel discussion by the industry experts and will touch upon the topic of Leadership and Managing People, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Talent Management.

The objective of the event is to be the focal point on the discussions happening for the Key Issues being faced by the Emerging Enterprises of the region and also apprise you of the success stories. The event will also be of value by providing a Networking Opportunity with the other Entrepreneurs, key policy makers, financial institutions, key industrial contributors and players with the IT enthusiasts in the region and create opportunities for beneficial dialogue.

There are some nominal charges to be paid for attending this conference which is a nominal registration fee of Rs.4,000.00, this can be paid either by a Cheque or Demand draft made in favour of ¡° Cybermedia Events ¡°. This will entitle you for attending both the days of conference on August 2nd and August 3rd, 2007 and F&B at the venue during the day.

For any further details you can log onto our official website at www.erevindia.com or call me at your earliest on +91-9811076202.

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