There is good news for Chandigarh people that according to the BBC, Chandigarh is the perfect city in the world. This article has published by BBC as “Is this is the perfect City”?

The BBC author described the whole story of Chandigarh from its planning by Le Carbousie to the most stylish, greenest, finest and progressive City.

In their article they honor Chandigarh becomes the only city in the whole world that really took progress with time and counted as the ideal city. Various cities of world participated and failed in this struggle.

Many countries tried to become ideal but all of them not succeeded in their missions. There are many examples of this such as Fatehpur Sikri, Amarna, Palmanova etc all tried their best to stand first.

He also mentioned in the article that Chandigarh manipulate the modernism with the customs in various terms whether it is in architecture, neighborhood, greenery etc.


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