The harayana Government’s try to change the  name of Chandigarh Airport from Bhagat Singh to Late Mangal Singh.

The JD(U) party of Punjab explained today that these things can “hurt the sentiments of crores of Indians” including “the whole Punjabi Society”.

They requested to the Prime Minister and the President to interact with the Haryana government in this matter. The general Secreatary and Spokesperson named KC Tyagi of JD(U)’s explained that the Haryana Government want to change the name of Chandigarh Airport.

He said the Central Government and State Government have to respect for the sacrifices of legendary figure of freedom struggle.

The Chandigarh airport lie geographically in punjab and Haryana but the name proposing on Haryana -based, its hurting those people who love Bhagat Singh most, including their family members.

He said we do not compare both the legends but the contribution of Bhagat Singh is well known to the World.


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