A new semi-high speed train will run between New Delhi and Chandigarh. The speed that is provided in this train is about 200kmph which really save the time of passangers.

A company of France that really furnishes aid in all technical issues regarding this project. It is to be estimated that it will take almost one year to complete the implementation. There is other model to implemented with this is from Ambala to Ludhiana.

The foreign company try to set a way that is totally modernize in working or operation. Japan also help in implementation it handles all the problems for this new technology when it runs in foggy winters.

This project is really helpful for the people that need hurry to reach from Chandigarh to Delhi and Vice-versa. The step ahead to this project gives a vast platform to Indian Railways.

The feasibility study of this project has been done and work is almost started for the implementation.


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