The Spiritual leaders have given commands to educate the public about causes and consequences of the climate change that is stressed by Environmentalists.

Dr Lokesh Muni, Baba Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal are Environmentalists and Devinder Sharma, trustee of the Dialogue Highway Trust of Chandigarh shared their experiences when they are interacting with students, teachers and any representatives of various NGO’s at a programme that has organized on the Topic of ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Inequality and Violence’ at the law Bhawan Auditorium in sector 37.

The Acharya said that the UN members also believed that the spiritual leaders could play a major role in predicting the natural cause. He try to integrate and make links between the dharma (religion) with Samaj (society), spirituality (adhyatam) and naitikta (morality).

The other said that the natural resources are over exploited and has played an important role in the environment. The need is to keep the surrounding clean so no interrupted any chemicals; polluted water and solid waste into rivers had polluted the food.


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