Chandigarh Administration begins a new draft policy in which checking of all night activities by police of the City residents. If anyone have plan of night out so each and every individual has carry their photo identity card.

In all entertainment and public places the copies will acquire before the guest enters and properly inspected by the inspectors that specially appoint for this purpose.

There are almost 20 different responsibilities of the organizer which includes the ticket or passes concern for entry points. There are mandatory deposition of male and female bouncers that properly verified by police by organizers.

All the business operations whether it is pool game, virtual reality game, parlours and bowling alleys shall be closed at 12 pm onwards.

This policy shall permitted by name “Controlling of places of Public Amusement, 2016”. The organizer always shall installed CCTVs on entrance and other necessary places for inspecting the normal activities of guests and staff.

A record will be preserved by checking staffs and retain a record of passes and tickets issued.


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