The draft of the smart city is uploaded by Chandigarh Administration on The Administration submitted various high-pints and advice and inputs that are given by the citizens, specialist’s opinions and various thoughts by the members of department.

An officer explained that on 15 December the final plan should be suggested to the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD). The Administration give authority to the citizens or residents of Smart City that they give their ideas, opinions, suggestions and feedback before December 7.

In the Smart City challenge Chandigarh is shortlisted by the MoUD among 100 cities. According to proposals different 20 cities are selected.

Various services needed by residents are:

  • Among 95% residents that participated in polling for UT Administration for provides opinions for revamping of Sector-17, 22, 35, 43.
  • There are 46% participants recognized connectivity is digital this is the main issue for improvement for the Sectors-17,22,35,43 while 16% recognized the main issue is parking.
  • Almost 12%voters recognized there is a need for the management of traffic will have to improve in these four sectors.
  • There are 68% voters want online deliveries of citizen related services while 15% selects Smart transport and smart traffic management solutions.
  • Among 16% participants give priority to enhance the security and safety of citizens through technology.

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