A Capacity-building programme for six-days by non-teaching employees of PU has organized from November 30 to December 5 in seminar hall of the department of Public Administration.

Dr Navreet the Chairperson of the Department of Public Administration welcomed the participant and the guests that attended the programme. She also explained that both the teaching and non-teaching staff all work in coordination of each other to enhance the performance of the organization.

The whole non-teaching staff furnishes with unambiguous tools to accomplish their responsibilities efficiently. Dr Sudhir Sharma the Director of the programme announces the topic of the programme.

The topics that would be covered in the programme such as Introduction to University Executive and Administrative Bodies, effective writing, exercise in noting and drafting, working environment in University, Finance and accounting in universities, admission, Examination, role of UGC, NAAC, Right to information, service and conduct rules, use of Website portal and other related topics.

The vice chancellor gave speech and he focused on the importance of the training programme and motivates the participants to get maximum benefit of the programme. He explained that the key non-academic functionaries in the University need to be trained for better administration and also for the efficient use of growing ICT resources and applications.

The programme would build confidence , enhance their knowledge and skills of the employees. He also gave points to the participants that how to manage the office.



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