All the festivals are celebrate in Tricity with fun and enjoyment. Yesterday the Chandigarh wore a festive appearance for celebrating Janmashtmi.

There is a large number of gathering for the celebration in the Iskon Temple at Sector 36 as well as Gaurhiya Temple at Sector 20.

Young children were dress up in the look of Lord Krishna and Radha. This festival is also famous among children because of the unique sweet “Makhan-Mishri” that is disribute on the Janmashtmi night.

There was a heavy rush in Sector 20 temple the whole day worshippers from several places were visited to the temple. This effect the markets near them and people were disturbed because of so much traffic.

One of worshipper said that Janmashtmi is the famous and grand festival so they want to become part of it. All the daylong Bajans and kirtans were sang by many singers. The total estimation of people visited on various temples is about 1 Lakh.

This will show that all the festivals are celebrate over here with great enthusiasm.


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