6 crew members and 104 passengers had a slight escape when the flight from Delhi-Chandigarh-Mumbai of Jet airways (9W/s25735) engine was hit by a group of birds.

This flight proceeds towards to Chandigarh at 2:56 pm then a group of birds hit to the flight right engine first. So the plane did emergency landing at the Chandigarh Airport and all the passengers then shifted to another flight to complete their journey to Mumbai. This process took four hours and all the passengers had to wait over the Airport.

The flight was brought up to the parking of the Airport and then proper investigation had done. It was decided after examining that the plane will be made operational tomorrow. The information of this incident was provided to ATC at 3 pm because of it the two other flights were delayed at a little bit of time on Airport.

There is nothing serious happened because all the passengers and crew members are safe but plane get a minor damage and it is repaired properly yesterday by the Technicians.


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