If the plan proceed according to the officials then patients at PGI will get medicines from the institution with highly discount rates.

According to the senior Dr Arvind Rajvanshi this is their primary goal and they want to phase out the entire local chemist and provide best services to their patients. If all work will proceed on time then hopefully the pharmacy may be opened in coming December. Dr Ranjvanshi will select as the head of the pharmacy project.

He explained to media that construction work is on his way and this pharmacy is the major boon for the patients that are being charged by local chemist on the name of discounts. He said this project is comprise of 15 crore Rs in 10,000 sq feet area on the ground floor of Advanced Trauma Center and the store for storing medicines is located in basement of the drug de-addiction-cum-rehabilitation centre.

For now a one of the pharmacy will be setup at ATC. If this pharmacy succeed then seven another stores will be opened at different location in PGI.

The PGI pharmacy will provide 50-80% discounts in medicines so medicines will not become burden on patients family. A team has been of hospital attendants, pharmacists, store keepers, accountants, clerks, security staff, procurement and purchase officers, and drivers build to provide medicines for the families of patients.

Soon the PGI pharmacy get a valid licence for their chemist. Discounted medicines will provided to patients because PGI buy medicines directly from manufacturers so extra cost has been cut and less money will charge for the medicine.


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