Message Given By Chairman of NIRC of ICAI Of Chandigarh Branch

CA. Pushpinder Kumar Duggal Chairman of Chandigarh branch of NIRC of ICAI recently given message to other members of branch. Here is what he included ;

Respected Member,

 It is a great  honour  & privilege to be bestowed upon the baton of responsibility and opportunity to   represent you as Chairman of Chandigarh branch of NIRC of ICAI.  During my long association with the branch, I feel enriched with your love, trust & confidence ,spirit of togetherness, & team work and mutual bond amongst the members of the profession. I owe it to the blessings, support & vision of the senior members of the profession, my predecessors and you all. These experiences have brought in me the need to repay to the profession for the respect, it has given me.  I have been shown the path and will like to commit myself to my dream to add quality in the working , activities and utility of the branch for its constituents  – “We all”.Our quality shall be reflected in the standards we set for ourselves. Quality has to be caused, not controlled. Would look forward to your support, participation, motivation, encouragement and guidance  for accomplishment of that objective. As regards me and my team, I alongwith CA Mastan Singh Chambyal – Vice Chairman, CA Brij Bhushan – Sharma Secretary, CA Amitoz Singh Kamboj – Treasurer and executive members take on ourselves, to rise to your expectations,  with the collective efforts of one and all. 

It is unfortunate that certain unpleasant events occurred at the branch, during the process of taking over by the new office bearers, which has , otherwise, been a very smooth & cordial transition, since the inception of the branch. These avoidable & unwanted events did no good to the reputation of our profession, which is, otherwise, known for its dignity and we professes ourselves to be “partners in nation building”. Me and my team express our regrets and sincere apology for these unfortunate events and express gratitude to the members, at large, for being there with the righteous during these un-pleasantries.

Righteousness acts never in its own interest, but in the interest of fellow men. With the efforts of you all, better sense has prevailed with the guilty too and  have agreed to make the required amends. Some of the missing records have been handed by the erstwhile Chairman and he has assured to cooperate and pass on the remaining records & information, including the accounts in conformity with the factual events, activities & seminars at the branch. It shall be our sincere endeavor to keep you all updated on the issue in a transparent way.    

We, at the branch, shall be looking forward to the suggestions from the members, since endeavors as perceived, can only be accomplished by collective efforts and its outcome shall be affecting us all. 

I am just a member of the team and team encompasses you all.  I rely on the team. It is not the individual but the team which is the ultimate champion. It is a pleasant sight to see that the members, at large, are at the helm.  We need to join hands to become champions and we belong to a profession that has the capability to become champions.  It is just joining of hands that is required.

 Looking forward with your hands in my hand, I conclude with the words of Swami Vivekanand :

 “Fill the brain with high thoughts, highest ideals place them day and night before you and out of that  will come great work”


CA Pushpinder Kumar Duggal
Chandigarh Branch of NIRC of ICAI


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