A day after Panjab University saw its most noticeably awful savagery over the expense climb, the disappointment of Chandigarh Police to pre-empt the circumstance and make preventive move in spite of knowledge information sources is clear. Here’s the means by which the police was gotten on the backfoot:

The police thought about the arrangement of understudies to hold a challenge against the 12.5% charge climb at bad habit chancellor Arun Grover’s office in the heart of the grounds at 9am yet it neglected to send sufficient number of cops. The savagery started around 11am, giving the understudies enough time to gather and scale up the dissent.

The police fixed just the front entryway of the bad habit chancellor’s office at 10.30am yet the understudies entered from another door from the synthetic designing division that was unguarded scarcely 50 meters away.

The savagery began when the understudies began constraining their way into the V-C office, requesting a crowd of people with him. Just 50-odd cops were up against the surging group. They took a stab at pushing them once again from the stairs of the V-C office just to be focused with stones. The stones were grabbed from the arranged stopping range outside the V-C office. The understudies broke earth vases and focused on the security faculty, leaving 22 of them harmed. Windowpanes of the V-C’s office were softened up the skirmish.


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