With no effectual procedure instead of  control stray dogs in the city, dog-bite cases have seen a record increment with 57 cases being registered from Chandigarh. The total number of dog-bite sufferer cases registered  from the tricity today was 69.

Sources  said approximately  40  cases of dog-bite were registered at the pharmacy in Sector 19  while 17 cases were reported at the Sector 38 pharmacy.

Everyday, these pharmacies generally takes  20 to 30 dog-bite cases. The increment in the number of dog-bite cases has left inhabitants of Chandigarh worried.

The City Mayor Asha Jaswal  has sought suggestions from the public to deal with the  stray dog risk.  

Jaswal has also called a concerted gathering with the mayors of Panchkula and  Mohali on May 3 to discuss the matter  and work towards a eternal solution.

Jaswal said while the mayors will compose a joint policy to concern with the issue, views had been request  from the public to get new suggestions to face the problem.

She said the MC could not bypass the regulations and was trying to get a solution of the problem.

The circumstances took a sedate turn after the two fresh occurrences in which inhabitants were masticated by the rabid dogs.

All dog-bite sufferers of Mauli Jagran were  given the second aliment of the inoculation today at the Sector 19  pharmacy.

MC officials also  carried out a  inoculation excursion at the village today where 20 dogs  were inosculate  and 13 seized for sterilisation.

The enforcement wing of the Municipal Corporation also carried out a special excursion against the roadside meat sellers and ruin over 110 kg of flesh.   


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