The Chandigarh administration has initiated a campaign to promote gender education in college campuses, beginning with a gender sensitisation workshop for college lecturers.The five-day-long gender sensitisation workshop will be held for college lecturers beginning tomorrow.

The aim of the workshop is to engage with the academic community and enlist their partnership in carrying forward the initiative to classrooms, thus tackling gender concerns of youth and creating self-sustaining synergies, an official release said here today.

It said gender norms that assign a greater value to the male child and negative attributes to the girl child need to be reinterpreted and redefined.

“The process of gendering, therefore, needs to be reexamined, debated and re-worked in order to create a more equal society,” it said.

Forty-eight teachers representing various colleges of the city will participate in the deliberations for the next five days. Prominent professionals from the media, the medical fraternity and academics will also participate in the intensive brainstorming sessions.

The workshop will be characterised by focused discussions on gender stereotypes, female foeticide and differential treatment meted out to daughters. This workshop will be followed by another five-day event for college students in the Government College Chandigarh in August and a round table involving students, teachers and eminent citizens in the Government College for Girls in September.

A gender sensitisation module will also be taught in the Government Colleges of Chandigarh this year.

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