The central government have allocated just 9.51% more funds in the budget for 2017-18 financial year. Against the demand of Rs 6,151 crore, The UT was allocated Rs 4,312.40 crore where—Rs 475 crore under capital head and Rs 38,837.40 crore under revenue head.

If we closely look at last year budget, the UT administration was allocated Rs 3,937.79 crore with Rs 444.71 crore under plan head (capital) and Rs 3,493.08 crore under non-plan (revenue) head. The finance ministry has granted a maximum of Rs 260.55 crore for rural and urban development of the administration.

For betterment of rural infrastructure, funds will be utilized for operation and maintenance of rural sewerage network of villages which includes Khuda Lahora, Khuda Jassu, Sarangpur, Dhanas, Kaimbwala, Khuda Ali Sher, Kishangarh, Behlana, Daria, Raipur Khurd, Makhan Majra, Raipur Kalan and Mauli Jagran.

In the list of budget allocation Education features second with amount of Rs 70.24 crore. Provided funds will be used for supplying laptops to under graduate girls belonging to EWS category. The UT administration also thought to construct government high schools in Maloya, Raipur Kalan, PGI, Mauli Jagran and Industrial Area.

For the health sector development, the central government have provided Rs 52.35 crore. Under this projects include construction of 100-bedded hospital in Sector 48 and construction of a 50-bedded hospital in Maloya.

For improving public transportation in city, the central government has marked Rs 24.53 crore for purchase of new buses. Similarly for better power supply, budget of Rs 23 crore has been allocated.

Also Chandigarh have been selected by the central-government for being developed as model solar city and under this scheme, Rs 17.70 crore has been allocated. By 2022 the UT administration aims at generating 100MW.

In one watch, we can see budget allocation for Chandigarh as:

Rs 4,312.40 crore Under capital & revenue Head
Rs 419.26 crore For Municipal corporation
260.55 crore For Rural and urban development
70.24 crore For Education sector


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