For the revamping of PEC University of Technology five projects will be started. For these projects Rs 99 Crore approved by the authorities.

PEC university will provide studio apartments on the campus for its faculty. PEC is the first educational institute that provide these facilities to its faculty. 118 apartments will be constructed in the campus this is mentioned in the proposal on the area of 8829 sq metres . This will cost around Rs 16 Crore.

Manoj Jindal Registrar of PEC told that many faculty members joined the university when they are bachelors and for them it is will be easy and affordable for them to maintain a studio apartment . This is basic idea behind this project. Work will be started on the project as soon as possible after the design was approved.

Also projects for constructing three hostel are coming up. Form three hostel one is a girls hostel, a boy’s hostel and one hostel for international students. Cost of these three hostel projects will be around Rs 76 Crore.

Better facilities will be provided to the students in these new hostels. Also the extension of the dining area will be developed which cost around Rs 2.5 Crore. Registrar of PEC told that when the designs will be approved the work on these projects will be started in 2017-2018 and work on the studio apartments will be started in 2017-2018.


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