Yesterday in classrooms of Prayas School children painted diyas in different colors like red, yellow, green, and blue with the help of the volunteers of the Rotaract Club of Chandigarh Himalayan. In the classrooms songs on friendship and an easy camaraderie flowed effortlessly with the cheerful giggles, hearty laughter, tears of contentment.

This year Diwali came earlier with happiness and brightened the lives of the special students at Prayas School. A diya painting event was organised by the RCCH which was named as Roshni in the school campus. This is the 3rd session of the event at the Prayas School. The children were very happy and the young volunteers of the RCCH were also visibly delighted being a part of the event.

volunteer Avisha told that this is the best day of her life. These special children love selflessly as well as care unconditionally. They only want is little love and care. And she told that when she went back she told to her friends that if they want to live the life in its purest form then they should visit the school once in the lifetime.

Arvind Juneja another volunteer become the ‘didi’ of these children. She told that it was her second visit to the school. This is a humbling experience of my life when i met with these special children.

Another volunteer told that this was the best morning of my life. This day was full of happiness and excitement. She said these children make her happy and festivals are the best platform for these children to learn skills in life.


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