Smart City Project of Chandigarh stretches to CTU (Chandigarh Transport Undertaking) which has introduced a trial run for a Electronic bus in the city to work at local routes inside the Chandigarh city. Last day, it’s the first time for CTU to run the electronic bus on the trial basis in the Chandigarh city, along with 26 traveler capacity without a single traveler inside it.The UT Administration has determined to go outward  with the added aspect of making the Smart City Project in Chandigarh even more Smarter as it takes CTU services in consideration to reduce vehicle pollution by manifold.

Information Regarding Electronic Bus Project:

Chandigarh Administration never  leaves un- returned when it decides upon something. While talking about the Chandigarh city,the development plan appear to be entirely equivalent to the city gracefulness which shall always stay beautiful as per the first perception of our Prime Minister(Sh.Jawahar Lal Nehru) of India. Administration of Chandigarh agreed to use Electric Bus in place of normal diesel buses run by CTU is a act greeted by everyone. Winning the heart of the citizens who has tried for the maintenance of Clean and green city. The electric bus are at present a extremely large gossip for the town since it’s first ride that work at fixed path from PGI to IT Park and back.

Highlights Of The  Project:

The salient characteristics of this project in Chandigarh is a huge act taken by the authorities. Few key characteristics of the Project are as follows:

  • Green Initiative taken under this project.
  • For the approval of the Bus, 15 days trial is under going.
  • 143 km is covered in 7 hours by the Electronic Bus.
  • UT Official to keeps a loop on adeptness and working of Electric Bus in City.
  • It has 26 traveller seating capacity.
  • Price for One Borne by CTU is 1.5 Cr among which battery engine price INR 90 lacs.
  • For the judgement on 15 day trial complete file has to be reported by UT Officials.
  • Quotations are given to CTU from various manufacturers to make a best deal for the price effectiveness.
  • Operational Cost is Lesser as compare to normal bus that work at same routes in present.
  • CCTV camera are embedded inside the bus for the security purposes and for constant surveillance.
  • Characteristic like public address system and fire-fighting systems for Higher level security

Advantages of Electric Bus Project

At any time this major project in an administration goes viral, the percentage of benefit is more in technical terms it is the main part of the practicability studies that include large amounts of calculations and studies required which needs to be in legal limit before a yes of confirmation is agreed out to the authorities to go along with project.


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