The Registration and Licensing authority, after four years, finally took the decision to start taking driving tests on automated test tracks at the children traffic park located in sector 23, Chandigarh.


The new officers will join from June until then the department is running the trials from last week. 150 tests are to be taken every day. You have to register yourself online before applying the test. The department came with the idea in the year 2014 to get away with the approach and to assure transparency. The project was assigned to the Central Institute of Road Transport, Pune.


The UT transport director Mr. Amit Talwar confirmed that the exact inauguration date has not been decided yet but it will be in the first week of June. Many Police officers have been caught red-handed for giving licenses to the untrained in the last few years. Here, only one person will be in charge of the test. It is a reliable system.


There are 7 tracks in number fitted with automated sensors that keep the record of one’s performance while driving. These tracks consist of U-turn track, reverse track, roundabout track,

gradient track, wrong turn track and junction track. 20 cameras have been set to record each and every moment and show it on the screen of the computer. Results are to be delivered in real time. In the beginning, the driver will be provided with a radio frequency identification card that will prove helpful to the sensors keeping track of the movement.



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